Intuitive Energy Work

Intuitive Energy Work is an opportunity to experience high frequency Self-healing.

This session begins by sitting together and tuning into your Energy System and asking our Higher Selves for guidance. I will use my channel to provide intuitive insights into how your energy system is currently working and any patterns, blockages and/or relationship cords that need support or are ready to be released. 

I'll offer gentle techniques such as deep looking, Self-inquiry, visualization and conscious breathing to help bring more light into your energy system while supporting your ability to clear and release denser energies you no longer need. I will support you by holding a high vibration and offering clearing energies through my focused intention, hands, toning and words. 


You may experience an emotional release that can create space for much more joy and inner freedom. We may also receive deep insights that can provide greater clarity, understanding and awareness on specific areas of your life and direction on how to move forward.

These sessions are fluid and we simply allow them to unfold and trust that you will receive exactly what is needed most at this time.

The results of Intuitive Energy Work are immediate and the energy continues to work on subtle levels after the session. You may notice that you feel more grounded, peaceful, lighter and more resolved.


60-minute session - $90

Sessions Available on Saturdays, 11am - 5pm at MadCap Moksha Herbal and Ayurvedic Apothecary located at 98 Cross Street N in  Portland's Old Port.


Sandra is a graduate of the Magdalen University Energy Work & Psychic Reading School for Practitioners and the Advanced Consciousness-based Healing Training Course with New World Ayurveda School.

What Clients Say

R.S. - Gorham, ME

"I had a truly amazing and enlightening experience with Sandra.  She is a truly gifted and kindhearted spirit that can make anyone feel comfortable in her presence.  I felt an immediate release of emotion that I had pent up for years. I know I have a long way to go but with her gentle guidance I am hoping to reclaim my true self that has been lost for so long. I am forever grateful for what she has done for me."

G.M., Scarborough, ME

"I went to see Sandra to assist with balancing my energy and raising my vibration for an important upcoming event. Sandra was immediately warm and receptive and I could tell she is genuinely interested in helping her clients. Throughout the session Sandra proved her strong intuitive abilities as well as her soothing energy shifting and healing capabilities. She has extreme talent and I can’t wait to go back and see her again."

S.D., Gorham, ME

"I am delighted with the experience, outcome and ongoing effects of my session with Sandra. It was a relief to lay down my burdens, sadness and exhaustion, and feel hopeful, deep relaxation and reconnection with myself, thanks to Sandra’s loving support and spot-on intuition. I was able to be vulnerable and trusting, and felt that Sandra honored my journey and truly had my needs and gifts at the heart of her healing intent. This gift has opened my heart to all the other gifts in my life." 

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