Energy Work Testimonials

“Sandra’s gift of healing is exemplified with her gentle caring and focused intention, provided in a comforting and confident healing environment.  I feel very calm and peaceful after her sessions and am grateful for having the experience of her knowledge.”


-B.C., Gorham, Maine

"I just sink into the table and teeter between awareness and the most amazing relaxation. Sandra’s Reiki Sessions are energizing and relaxing all at once. I leave feeling like I am floating through the rest of my day. Usually sleep really well that night and feel ready for the world the next day. Love it. Something everyone should experience."


S.N. - Gorham, ME

"Sandra skillfully provides a safe space to invite, explore, develop and experience energies profound and true. I am fully confident that she can meet whomever may walk through her door with the same gracious care and presence with which she met me. I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking health, healing and joyful living."


-J.M., South Portland, Maine

“Sandra has a peacefulness and positive energy surrounding her. She also has a calming quality about her.  She has always made me feel safe and at peace when I am with her.”
Thank you, Sandra.”

-C.B., Hollis, ME


"I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed working and talking with you on Friday. During the session I definitely experienced an altered state of consciousness - not unlike that which I typically experience following a deep meditation - except this continued for several hours! Also, I'm pleased to report that some of the back pain that I've been experiencing has dissipated. Thanks for sharing so much of your time and energy with me."

J.M.-Windham, ME

"Thank you for some awesome work! The session exceeded my expectations of it, I was very impressed with the way it made me feel. I was literally humming/buzzing for the next few hours, until the real world sunk in and I gradually snapped out of it. What a wonderful way to go through life!! I don't think I have felt that relaxed in (maybe forever), it was better than having gotten 12 hours of sleep. I look forward to our next session!!"


--M.A., Gorham, Maine


"I can say that once I managed to go to sleep last night, I slept like a rock. The experience was very interesting and rewarding. I found it amazing that I could feel you touching me even when your hands were not on me. I noticed the most sensation in my head and around my chest. In fact, I forgot to mention it, but while you were working my head, my ears popped- like with a change in pressure from flying- a couple times. My head was buzzing all the way home. I could really feel my crown, third eye, and throat chakras all evening, like they were lit up."

-J.O., Windham, Maine


"I always feel relaxed when I leave and I generally fall asleep as the process of using the energy to work with my own body is used. I am truly grateful for the beautiful person Sandra has been and the work she does. She truly cares about others."

-B.R., Buxton, ME 


“What an enjoyable and relaxing session!  I was at peace last night and can’t remember when the last time was that I felt that way.  Kept things to a minimum....missed out on a great date because I fell asleep while reading....this morning was fab....I’m rested and ready to seize the day....nothing seems to be fazing me…so it’s all good.”

Westbrook, ME

“I started seeing Sandra because I was having back pain due to being seven months pregnant. I can not even tell you how much it has helped not only my back pain, but my sleeping habits as well. Reiki just relaxes you and brings you back to a place were you can focus on your every day life. I would definitely recommend it. I'm due in the middle of March and plan on seeing Sandra after the birth of my daughter as well. It also just gives you time to relax let the stress of every day life out of your mind and gives you a fresh start to your day.”

-K.C. - Hollis, ME

"The Quantum Touch sessions I have had with Sandra have had amazing and immediate results. I have suffered with the residual pain of a broken tailbone for over a year, and until now have not found anything to relieve the pain other than medication.  During my sessions with Sandra, however, I can literally feel the pain energy flowing out of my back, bringing relief as well as a deep relaxation of muscles that are constantly tensed.  This is the only natural method that has helped my back and tailbone, and it is wonderful to finally find a solution that aligns with my goal of remaining off pain medications.  I am so grateful to Sandra for sharing her gift with me, and I would highly recommend Quantum Touch to anyone seeking pain relief, or even to optimize their health, in a completely natural way."

-J.A., Boston, Ma.


“I have been dealing with a painful cervical movement disorder for 2 years that has seriously affected the quality of my life. I have tried everything traditional and nontraditional with little to no results.  After my very first treatment with Sandy (Reiki combined with Quantum Touch), the tension and the pain melted away and I was pain free for weeks!  My disease is not cured, but living without the pain is the next best thing!”

- S.M., 
Tewksbury, MA

“Sandra's work dramatically helped clear the lungs of my 2-year-old son with Cystic Fibrosis. He coughed out any blockages stuck in his lungs for about 15 minutes after being treated. We own expensive medical equipment that doesn't do a fraction of the job that Sandra did for him. That's proof that Reiki with Quantum Touch Techniques is extremely effective, and Sandra is a master.”

Westbrook, ME

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