Sandra’s knowledge, warmth, and caring in tandem with her intuition and clear perspective grounds her effectiveness in guiding one on a path to more balance and overall well-being. I have benefited greatly from her ability to listen, engage, and challenge me while maintaining an energy of deep love and non-judgement. I recommend working with Sandra."

- C.C., Greenville, NC

"Sandra has a rare gift for connecting and intuitively providing guidance to help you move forward on your journey. She combines practical skill-building with the space to find a more grounded and balanced way to be. I am grateful to Sandra for her wisdom and support."

-J.S., Portland, ME

"I came to Sandra for some energy work and mentorship. Little did I know the significance our sessions would bring to my life. I was completely amazed after the depth of our first session, I kept coming back. With each session, Sandra was able to help me peel back layer after layer of deep rooted internal beliefs, conditioning and fears that I didn’t even know existed. Her kind, compassionate, straightforward guidance and reflection provided an atmosphere of deep healing and self-discovery. "

- M.M., Gorham, ME

“I like myself more and more every day and have learned to slow down, enjoy life and not rush through it. I have developed a deeper awareness and calmness which I truly believe has given me my life back. My family can attest to my change and are very happy that the real me has emerged once again. Sandra has helped me in more ways than she will ever know; her non-judgmental, caring, intelligence is remarkable."

- M.R., Cape Elizabeth, Maine

“Working with Sandra has been incredible.  I have learned simple tools for transforming emotional triggers so I can shift from being upset, to recognizing opportunities for personal growth. I always leave her peaceful office more relaxed and hopeful. If you want practical advice and effective techniques for dealing with life’s challenges, I highly recommend a session with Sandra."

- K.P., Scarborough, ME

“The process of changing diet and daily habits that were not serving me were just plain easy to do with the information and education Sandra provides.  The benefits are so much deeper than improving eating habits and losing a few pounds.  I am more centered, calm and myself.  I know that healing is happening on a much deeper level. The guidance and support Sandra gives is gentle and realistic…with lots of encouragement.”

- W.B., Casco, Maine​

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Sandra for helping me to achieve an amazing transformation. Sandra was incredibly intuitive and sensitive, and so knowledgable. With her guidance and support, I began to change my diet in a way that balanced my body and mind. I have learned so many powerful tools, I can not fail! Once again, with my full appreciation, thank you Sandra.”

-K.M., Windham, Me.

“I just wanted to write you a quick note thanking you for taking your time to help me tap into my own “truth” and giving me the tools and confidence to keep moving forward and breaking free from all those habitual behaviors that were not allowing me to be truly happy or honoring me! There are moments where I have questioned whether I was “doing” enough “work” to truly make changes and after each of our sessions I have left feeling empowered and proud of the progress I have made! Thanks so much and I truly appreciate all your expertise, guidance, and support!”

~A.P., Gorham, Maine

“Sandra helped me navigate through one of my most desperate struggles. The weight kept creeping in until I had to admit I was out of control. With Sandra’s help I didn’t just lose weight, I learned how my body and mind respond to different kinds of stressors. I gained control and confidence in myself to keep the weight off. Thank you so much!”

-K.D., Windham, Maine


“Prior to seeking Consultation from Sandra, I had several physical manifestations of deeper issues going on in my life. Sandra’s dedication to her clients and passion for what she does definitely came through in our sessions. Taking her advice has not only improved my physical symptoms, but has also reinforced positive changes into all areas of my life. Sandra is extremely knowledgeable and has an uncanny ability to hear the space between the words being spoken. I highly recommend her services.”

-V.K.R., Long Island, NY

“I went home with my very simple list of recommendations and suggestions…and proceeded to follow each step with hope. In one week, I could feel a difference.  I was less fatigued, less congested, less depressed, and not hungry for foods that did not suit me.  Now, it’s been close to 7 weeks embracing the teachings I learned from Sandra.  I’ve lost 9 pounds without starving or trying. I sleep soundly most nights, wake refreshed for the first time in several years, I don’t need to nap in the afternoon, and I feel hopeful and positive about moving forward with Ayurveda supporting my life… I cannot thank Sandra enough for her time and assistance.  I am so excited to learn more.”

- C.K., Raymond, Maine​

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