Stress Relief Consultations for Women

You can overcome stress-related imbalances to feel healthier and happier and live the life you truly want.

I did it and you can too!

Having a Stress Relief Consultation is an opportunity to receive support and guidance on holistic methods that restore balance in body, mind and emotions and give you your life back.

We will discuss what's contributing to your experience and address the root cause of any imbalances. I'll offer recommendations tailored to your specific needs on food, herbs, aromas, self-care practices, daily routine and lifestyle modifications that can soothe an overactive nervous system and create a sense of clarity, calm and inner peace.

Understanding that emotions are energy in motion, we cannot think our way out of emotional stress - we need to process and release this energy from our system. I can support you in clearing and releasing stress and tension and let go of unpleasant emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger and resentment.

You will be empowered to:

✔ Overcome fatigue and have abundant energy

✔ Sleep deeply to wake rested and refreshed

✔ Alleviate anxiety to feel relaxed and at peace

✔ Release emotional triggers for more joy and ease

✔ Create balance in any area of your life​

Your consultation can include conversation about what’s on your mind or in your heart and receive guidance on:

✔ Accepting life on life’s terms so you can feel more resolved and at peace

✔ Moving through difficult situations and relationship dynamics with more understanding, grace and ease

​✔Letting go of control and releasing fear to cultivate more acceptance, faith and trust

Through the wisdom of Holistic Health you can restore balance in body, mind and emotions and live the life you truly want.


*$125 Consultation fee includes:

  • 60-minute online consultation

  • Emailed summary of recommendations

*I am currently offering a sliding scale of $75 - $115 to help support those experiencing financial hardship during these unprecedented times. Based on the honor system - pay what you can.

Sandra Dugliss serves as a Certified Holistic Health (Ayurvedic) Consultant and Yoga and Meditation Instructor. Sandra is not a medical doctor or licensed medical professional, does not present herself as such, and does not seek to diagnose, treat or prescribe for disease, disorder or psychological conditions. She encourages regular medical checkups from a licensed medical or mental health professional of your choice. By participating in consultation services with Sandra Dugliss, you acknowledge this disclaimer.

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